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Who We are

Team Visual is a brainchild of two (Ankur and Bhanu) curious and passionate problem solvers.

At Team Visual, we aim to build a portfolio of small bets, we’re in it to create impactful products.

We believe good ideas combined with great execution results in delightful product outcomes.

At Team Visual, we partner with you to turn your idea into a product using NoCode and visual development tools.

What We do

Identify the Problem statement 

Scope the MVP

Design & Build 

Launch & Iterate


Engagement Model

Phase One 

🚀 Identify and refine the problem statement and launch the landing page to begin accepting early user signups and validate the idea.

🎙️ Conduct user interviews to scope the MVP.

Phase Two

🚀 Build, Launch and Refine the MVP 

💁🏻 Support the product (i.e. bug fixes, etc.) for up to 3 months

Our Portfolio


Build Plugin

All-in-one membership software. Outseta gives no-code creators the tools to monetize their website, SaaS product, or online community in minutes. 

Community Miles

Build complete product from Idea to MVP

Community Miles is automation built on Circle API to help track user engagement and award points, titles for their activity, and contributions to the community.  


Built End To End Product

Make easy work of celebrating special occasions.

Share the love with friends, family, or colleagues. Plan ahead with a celebratory message, scheduled to be sent on their special day.

Archetype Marketing

Build the first MVP from the Idea

A Strong Brand faster than you can imagine

Create a strong brand and message (in one hour or less)


CRM for Real Estate Agent

Keep track of your appointment and manage property.

Tech Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Team Visual a freelance agency?

Team Visual is different from a traditional agency setup, we prefer to work on projects where we can contribute as a team and be part of the growth. Hence our engagement model is part cash and part equity. 

Why do you take Equity?

We believe in playing a pivotal role in the work we take up and contribute as a team. And we prefer quality over quantity hence we work only on a few select initiatives. Being an equity holder puts our skin in the game to ensure the product’s success.

What type of projects do you choose?

We don’t have a standard definition yet, but we tend to pick up initiatives that make us uncomfortable. We like challenges 🙂

How big is Team Visual?

We’re a team of 2, and have partnerships with consultants to support us when needed.

What technologies do you use?

We’re a big fan of NoCode / Visual Development, we work with tools like Bubble, Softr, Bildr, Zapier, Glide, etc. For the full list, you can refer to our tech stack section on the website.

I have more questions, how do I reach out?

Sure, please fill out the contact us form, we’ll revert within 24-48 hours. Please ensure to provide enough details about your project or questions you may have.

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